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Increase downloads and revenue!


New apps all the time

DappWall is a brand new way to get the most people download your app in a short time making it rise up fast among the search results on Google Play!

While Google Play and its alternatives display the same top apps every day, DappWall shows users plenty other great apps that wouldn't be as visible on Google Play!


A new way of advertising


Quality apps

First of all, you don't pay per impression. You pay a flat price. Secondly, while with other ad companies your balance gets depleted in minutes, with DappWall you control how long your ad is displayed for. Read more

For users we provide quality apps through a careful selection process, where each advertisement is validated separately.
The minimum rating of an advertised app must be 3.8 or higher with at least 50 ratings (if free) and 10 ratings (if paid).


What you see is what you get


User interaction

We have the most interactive ad designer that shows you how your ad will look like on a real phone! Try it now!

DappWall enables users to chat with you directly from the application through our unique comment room solution! This way you can continuously improve your apps and build out better customer relationships.


Worldwide and Real-time


Community feeling

Anyone can advertise and anyone can use DappWall. Stats are displayed in real-time, which means you see fresh data every second.

The users can follow what others are doing in DappWall in the Newsfeed. Also, users can earn achievements and badges which makes DappWall fun!


Badge system


Achievements & Badges

Advertising can be fun! Create campaigns, follow as your ads become popular and unlock badges!

With a special mini-game system users can earn achievements and badges by using DappWall regularly.

Try it now!

Before you register you can check out how to create a campaign and how your advertisement will look like on a real phone! If you like it, you can submit it after you register.

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What is DappWall?

DappWall is a new generation advertisement platform that offers Android developers a cheap and efficient advertisement option. DappWall has been developed primarily for freelance developers who cannot afford thousands of dollars to advertise their applications. With our low-cost packages practically anyone can advertise.

What's our motive?

We are developers too. DappWall was conceptualized by freelance developers in order to empower other developers, who may not have enough funds to advertise their applications on a larger scale.
We would like to balance the fair play on the market. The apps, which are in focus worldwide are promoted by a tremendous amount of money. We want to give a chance to everyone to advertise their applications for only a few dollars!

DappWall is unique

We are different from other advertisement networks by providing a completely new way of advertisements:

  • You don't pay per impression. You pay a flat price.
  • While with other ad companies your balance gets depleted in minutes, with DappWall your ad is displayed for as long as you want, thus burning into the users' memory!
  • With other ad networks you need to give a description about your app in 40 characters. With DappWall you have almost twice as much space letting you elaborate a more appealing description!






No annoying ads show up on the users' phones

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Flat price instead of bids

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Minimum campaign budget






No funded ad balance required to advertise
(you pay at checkout)

tick tick tick tick tick

Real-time statistics

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Steps to create a campaign






Interactive ad designer

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Ad description length
(standard text ad)

75 chars

~40 chars

40 chars

40 chars

80 chars

Please forgive us for this biased comparison. We think this is the best way to show you DappWall's comparative benefits in a single image.

How it works?

After you register an account you can design your advertisement on the website with our interactive advertisement designer. From there you select the duration you would like to advertise your application for.
The moment you submit your advertisement proposal you can follow the status changes on your dashboard as the payment and the ad is verified. After everything is validated it will appear in the DappWall application.
For detailed information, please visit the How it works page. You may also find information in downloadable pdf files.


We offer packages from as low as $0.99. DappWall has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden costs: you only get charged when you submit your campaign. Moreover, you can cancel your campaign any time before it goes live. In this case we will credit the campaign amount to your DappWall account!

Stay tuned!

We are working hard to add more options and features to make DappWall more beneficial for you. We have plenty of ideas we will be implementing both on the website and in the application. The first of which will be enabling more languages so you can reach even more Android users in case of non-English apps!

Get started today & discover how DappWall can boost
the downloads of your app and earn you more money!

GOSSIP $0.99 / campaign
NEWSFLASH $1.79 / campaign
HEADLINE $2.49 / campaign
SENSATION $4.99 / campaign
24 hour duration
48 hour duration
3 day duration
7 day duration

You pay a flat price. No hidden or recurring fees!

Start advertising with DappWall!

And enjoy the downloads!